Staying Safe In Beirut – Escort Guide

Ladies In Beirut is the first website directory to consider that security is paramount for indie escorts and companion business escorts. Thus we have got included this content for all escorts to browse and carry it all in mind when meeting a customer for the initial period. As a take there are some basic safety techniques you can stick to that will help maintain you secure and free from potential damage. You cannot consider stuff for granted in this regular and generation, no matter how well outfitted or how a client appears and portrays themselves.

1. Wherever feasible when conference for the first period fulfill within an open public place often, that method you have the choice to walk apart the customer makes you experience uneasy or is certainly not really how he explained himself. Trust your intuition!!

2. Once you’ve made plans to satisfy a person whether it is the 1st time or not ,we desire you to inform a friend or correlate or your destination, your whereabouts and the approximated period of your night time.

3. If possible, utilize drivers to transport you to and from appointments. This real way you should have someone to contact upon if complications occur. You may dismiss this as being too expensive, but you can’t put a price on safety.

4. Allow the client understand that there is usually somebody waiting around outside for you if you are not utilizing a driver even.

5. If you carry out your escort business from a house or house, it could be sensible to make use of a Personal Assistant (PA). Not necessarily only will this ensure your security, it provides your business a professional look, as your PA will be on hands to match and great your customers.

6. If feasible try to inform other escorts of a poor customer / poor knowledge. This will ideally prevent another companion becoming put in a very similar circumstance with the same person. Remember, knowledge is usually power!!

7. Explain the service to the client Clearly; what it will involve, how much longer it shall last and how very much it’ll price.

8. If you are going to customers home for the original period try and appear through the entire home to check for additional people, indicators of out of your and risk. You could talk to for a tour of the home, and this will provide you a possibility to place any potential danger.

9. Do accept a beverage that provides currently been opened up or that you possess not necessarily noticed getting produced. It is not difficult for a person, therefore, slide a medication into your drink like rhohypnol.

10. By no means end up being scared to state NO to anything you feel uncomfortable about and in case you are not content with anything to make your excuses and keep.

These are just a few of the protection tips you as a take should bear in the brain when conference a client. These tips are non-exhaustive, and you might have many even more basic safety steps you consider when working as an escort. Any safety suggestions you take and would like to inform several other escorts about, make sure you encounter free of charge to send out them to us, and we will try to add them to this internet site. Keep in mind safety is away from the up most importance!!!